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Stop using teflon or non-stick pans

Teflon from Dupont dominated the cookware market for decades, while knowing the chemicals they used were extremely toxic to not just their workers but also any person that came into contact with the chemical waste. Knowing the evils of C8, Dupont hid the truth from people. Unfortunately it is not just the United States where teflon and non-stick pans are used. The documentary being reported on above only deals with Americans suffering from the effects of C8. There are literally billions of people that use non-stick pans today, and we want to make it a mission of Eartheer, to replace those unhealthy, toxic non-stick pans with traditional cast iron pans. We will also be adding more metal utensils to our collection. But for now, you can find pans of all general sizes below. Pick, pay, and enjoy healthy cooking!