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At Eartheer we are actively looking at collaborating with new partners. If you share our vision of progressive politics, green and sustainable lifestyle, get in touch with us, let's combine forces. We are living in a world today where right-wing extremism has risen to the levels of denying science and reality.

Gone are those Nixon days, when a right-wing president of the US cared about the climate. Today, the US has Donald Trump, who calls climate change a hoax and has done everything in his power to destroy our planet further.

With Eartheer we plan to cover progressive politics, all with climate change at the center of our priorities. We do not promote any politician that will not be of help to our cause. We also highlight the positive actions being taken around the world, whether its school children striking to raise awareness and demand climate action, or people starting a green lifestyle.

We often hear people say individual consumption will not help the planet much. That is both true and false. In the 1970s, the demand of oil around the world had taken a nose dive, and this was because of activists. These activists were defamed as eco-terrorist. But it has happened before that due to changes in lifestyles, and personal responsibility, fossil fuel consumption decreased, causing the industry to panic. We can achieve much better results this time around.

Hence, if you want to collaborate, advertise, or sell on our website, do get in touch. Let's make this world a better place.

~ Noah Rousseau

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